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Download - Mediafire (binary only)

Latest release is v0.1

This is a BETA piece of software, please report any bugs to me; suggestions are also very welcome.

The screenshots at the bottom of this page may help in setting up the software.


  • Supports multiple destinations, each with their own playlist prefix and naming template
  • Supports limits on the maximum amount of songs and minimum amount free space for each individual destination
  • Reads most music files (*.mp3, *.flac, *.wav etc.). Tag reading is implemented using the wonderful TagLib#
  • Free and open source!
  • Clean interface
  • Supports multiple device profiles
  • Playlists are copied over to a specified directory, paths include the specified playlist root for each device
  • Reads device songs as well to prevent unneeded copying, will also include these in the resulting playlists if they are present in any of the input playlists
  • Collates multiple playlists: simply enter a bunch of folders, and Cync will merge them together to create a master syncing list! Alternatively you can select a playlist to use as the master.


  1. Add a device on the settings page (the first list box).
  2. Rename the device.
  3. Add one destination for each storage path you want to use (the second list box).
  4. Change the Destination Path to the desired root of the storage.
  5. Change the file pattern for how the files should be copied across. Valid options are %ARTIST%, %ALBUM%, %TITLE%, %TRACK%.
  6. Change the playlist root - how the player sees storage that isn't it's main storage. For example in rockbox, the contents of a microsd card can be accessed from <microSD1>/. If the files are placed in the main memory of the player, this should not be needed.
  7. Set the maximum number of files or minimum free space if required. Setting these to 0 disables the limits. This feature might work, but is not as tested as the rest of the program.
  8. Set the path to where the playlist files are saved on the device, so they get copied over too!
  9. Switch to the sync tab, choose the device and path where playlists to be synced are found. Hit scan to scan the playlists and generate information about them. Then choose which ones to sync, and whether one should be the master playlist (syncs only what's on the master playlist, still copies over the other playlists themselves, just not the songs).
  10. Hit review to be presented with a list of songs that are either on the device, on the device and in the library, or just in the library. From here select which ones to sync (shouldn't need much changing), then hit Sync and it's done!

Known Bugs

Deleting the last device will cause a crash.


This was built for my own personal use, but I'm hoping that it will help out other people.

Currently only supports m3u8 playlists (although this could just be normal m3u playlists, I haven't tested it with unicode. Anyway, it will only find playlists matching *.m3u8. Also only uses playlists for file paths, does not read any of the 'extra' stuff that goes into m3u playlists.

My usage consists of a rockboxed Sansa ClipZip with a 32gb sdcard. Cync allows me to take full advantage of both the internal memory and the sdcard, as well as syncing playlists.

So far I have only tested this on my home machines with a small number of devices - while it functioned correctly there, I can not guarantee it will function correctly on your machine. I take no responsibility for any damages caused by this program, whether to your computer, device or otherwise.


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